Andy Davies is a Product Design Director and is responsible for leading the development of industry-leading HR & Payroll products. His focus is on delivering products that help businesses and their employees automate complex processes and allow focus on more strategic activities across HR, Payroll, Talent, Recruitment and Engagement. His previous role as a VP in the US and Singapore allowed him to establish a partner network across the APAC region. He holds an MSc in Human Resource Management, an MBA and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD with experience in senior leadership roles across sectors, including private sector, higher education, defence, civil service and local government.

Andy is the podcast host of ‘Leadership, the future and tea’ and he is a frequent expert contributor to press articles about HR, leadership and employee engagement. His insightful commentary and expertise have also been featured in The Guardian, Evening Standard, LBC Radio, ITV News, Sky News and London Live.

Zest – Leadership for a new generation of leaders

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